TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Tyler Rescue Ministries are supporting those who have become local heroes – nursing home staff – and have been working in what has become known as COVID-19 hotspots.

The organization provided lunch for three senior facilities in Tyler thanks to donations from the community.

The following facilities recieved lunch:

  • Greenbriar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  • Petal Hill Nursing Center and Rehabilitation Center
  • Park Place Nursing Center and Rehabilitation Center

Pizza was purchased from Grand Slam thanks to local church donations and dessert was donated from Small Cakes in Tyler.

Churches who donated:

  • Friendly Baptist Church
  • Cartwright Baptist Church
  • Center Point Ministries

Tyler Rescue Ministries Core Values

  • Teaching the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Serving the total needs of Women and Children and Families
  • Preparing Women with Children and Families to be able to return to societal living
  • Strengthening the ties with evangelical churches and giving them an opportunity to reach out to the homeless and abused on an ongoing basis through the Ministries’s services.
  • Empowering homeless individuals to self-improvement, betterment and work-sustaining skills
  • Enabling a cross-section of homeless individuals and families to recover, rehabilitate, and restore
  • Providing spiritual education and moral development to make a person whole
  • Training graduates who can competently compete for work in and around the communities of Smith County
  • Caring for the community by helping the homeless re-enter society.