TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The city announced Tyler Water Utilities (TWU) plans to change how customers are charged, no longer subsidizing the first 2,000 gallons in favor of charging for total water use.

If approved, TWU customers will see an increase of about $20 to their monthly bill.

“There is never an easy time to do this,” City Manager Edward Broussard said. “These rates are needed to maintain the quality of these services and sustain the system in the long term.”

The new billing structure is set to be phased in over the next five years as a part of the fiscal year 2023 budget process. Customers will be charged the same rate regardless of utilization.

“Even with this transformative change to how we charge for water and sewer service, the City of Tyler will continue to have a below average utility rate for a City in the State of Texas,” Broussard said.  

The city said it plans to spend $24.4 million in cash and bond funds on water and sewer improvement projects in the coming year.

Projects include:

  • $4.8 million for repair and replacement of new water meters and boxes
  • Two-inch water line replacements throughout Tyler
  • Updates to the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant
  • The water system hydraulic model master plan
  • Rehabilitation of the Shiloh Road elevated water storage tank and new raw water pump at Lake Tyler

The city said an increase of $5.08 for the regulatory compliance fee is also necessary to service the debt on the $250 million dollar rehabilitation of Tyler’s sanitary sewer system. Residential solid waste fees will also increase by $1.28 for twice-weekly collection.

The budget’s final adoption is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the Sept. 14 meeting at Tyler City Hall, and the public is available to give their input on the budget at the Aug. 24 and Sept. 14 meetings.

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