UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas (KETK)- Crews in Upshur County have been working day and night to pick up debris, cut down trees and help gather peoples personal belongings after they were impacted by a tornado last week.

“You know we are watching the weather on a constant bases. We got it pulled up. I get weather updates from the Texas Forest Services as they come through,” says Mark Nichols, Upshur County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Due to the increased chance of storms on Wednesday, entire neighborhoods have been working overtime to get homes affected by the tornado prepared for the upcoming severe rain. Crews have been sent out to tarp any house that may need cover.

“We’re just trying to really maintain what the storm is going to look like and what’s going to happen here. Obviously, we’re just preparing for high winds, you know the possibility of tornadoes and anything else that may come along with it are there. We’re just trying to really prepare our work crews and the folks that have been impacted from the original storm to make sure that hopefully we don’t get any more damage than there already is,” says Nichols.

All over Upshur County you can find organizations and businesses like Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy coming together to help the community. They are here to make sure everyone affected by the tornado or storms know they don’t have to stress over obtaining food, water and personal items.

“Whenever our community is hurt, we hurt with them. So, we want to make sure that we are there helping our neighbors and giving back in anyway we can,” says Morgan Countryman, Brookshire’s Community Involvement Manager.

Upshur County hopes they will just get rain, but they are getting ready for anything.

“We just want to definitely say our hearts and prayers go out to those that are continuing to recover. You know as we are looking ahead to more storms possible this week we just hope everyone is safe and has what they need to get through,” says Countryman.