TYLER, Texas (KETK)- During the pandemic mental health issues like anxiety and depression were on the rise, and colleges like UT Tyler want to make sure their students know the services they offer to help.

“Support the mental health, it’s real,” said Rebecca Ener, UT Tyler freshman.

Rebecca Ener is a freshman at UT Tyler and suffers from anxiety and depression.

“I’m trying to work on everything for myself and represent everybody else that is needing support for the mental disorders,” said Ener.

That’s why she was excited to see her university do something to bring attention to mental health and the services available.

“We’ve started a new wellness collaborative just across campus, and our whole focus is on making sure people are aware that we are a campus that cares about each other, and it’s really focused on well-being,” said Kim Livingston-Cobb, UT Tyler Associate Dean of Students.

UT Tyler held a mental health awareness walk on campus and had booths set up with resources.

“The pandemic created a lot of different things that led to anxiety, the isolation with depression, but also a lot of loss, you know we’ve seen a lot of grief and loss as well,” said Livingston-Cobb.

The goal was also to combat the stigma surrounding mental health.

“You know you may think that everybody else is fine, and they’re not. Know you are not alone, that we want to be there, to support you, we want to help however we can,” said Livingston-Cobb.

Some of the services offered at UT Tyler and other East Texas schools are counseling, crisis hotlines, and in and outpatient facilities.

“There are some people that think that mental health is fake or that it doesn’t really matter, and somebody needs to represent the fact that it really does matter,” said Ener.

Rebecca says she wants more schools to get involved in helping students with mental health disorders and to make sure no one ever feels alone.

If you have questions about mental health or are looking for resources, see below: