WILLS POINT, Texas (KETK) – The Van Zandt Livestock Exchange was damaged in a fire that started around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, according to Van Zandt County Fire Marshal’s Office.

“I mean this has always been the spot to be and this is just where I’ve been every Saturday my entire life. They say they’re going to rebuild and I hope so because this is home to me.”

Brad Priest, Cattle Manager

Officials said that the fire has been extinguished and that Van Zandt County Fire Marshal’s Office has started investigating the cause of the fire.

“This is a very old building it’s been around for a long time there are a lot of things that have been practices in the past that wouldn’t be allowed today for code in new construction in things like that,” Sean Davis, Van Zandt County Fire Marshall

The Van Zandt Livestock Exchange announced that their Saturday Dec. 3 sale has been cancelled and they asked for people to send them thoughts and prayers.

“I’ve been here ever since I was a little kid. I grew up around Brad. I grew up around the whole barn it’s home to me. I hope to see it back I don’t really want to see it go.”

Stanley Raykvapil Jr., long-time employee

Averie Klonowski contributed to this report.