TYLER, Texas (KETK)- Vexus Fiber internet optics held a ground breaking in a Tyler neighborhood on Thursday.

Construction crew members are installing new lines for the internet on Latasha Lane. Houses in this neighborhood will be the first in Tyler to receive Vexus.

Residents said they are ready for more options. 

“Right now, a lot of us have Suddenlink, Direct TV, and some other types of satellites that we use for television and satellite equipment. I’m glad to see them here because a lot of time when you only have one company here, they monopolize the whole system and run the prices up so high,” said Larry, who lives in Tyler.

Brad Cooke is the Vice President of Network and Fiber Construction. He explained how the internet company plans to cover a lot of ground over the next few years. 

“We’re starting here in the north part of the town, but we’ll be expanding out over 700 miles of fiber optic network serving Tyler proper spreading down to Whitehouse and all the way up to Lindale,” said Cooke. 

While Vexus is building this new network, you will see construction trucks in and around your neighborhood. But, two days before that happens, you should find a notice on your front door. 

“For homeowners in Tyler and the surrounding areas, this means a best-in-class fiber optics, fiber to the home, true gigabit, 10-gigabit ethernet symmetrical speed network to deliver both commercial and residential services for video voice and data,” said Cooke. 

Vexus mentioned they are a Texas company, so when you call for customer support, you’ll be speaking to someone in our state. 

“We will be setting up a retail location here in Tyler, Texas, and have a regional operations and construction team here,” added Cooke. 

Vexus will be a local internet service operator, and that is why they chose Tyler to be the first city. 

“I’m glad to see them here, and we need them here to lower some of the prices because everything is getting so ridiculous price-wise that it’s almost hard to keep up,” said Larry. 

This will be another internet option for the people of East Texas.