TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Vice President Kamala Harris held a press conference on Monday to discuss abortion.

“The president and I believe in the fundamental American value that all people should exercise and have the freedom and liberty to make fundamental decisions of their lives,” Harris said.

She is concerned about trigger laws seen after the Supreme Court’s overturned ruling of Roe v. Wade last summer.

“This issue is about women’s autonomy and their freedom to decide when to have children. These laws endanger women’s health by putting their lives in jeopardy,” Harris said.

Mark Lee Dickson is the Director of Right to Life East Texas, a group that tries to protect children.

“There is not one unborn child out there that is safe from the act of abortion,” he said.

The CDC said 861 women died from child birth in 2020. The data shows carrying to term has higher risks than abortion.

Experts are concerned taking away abortion will increase those numbers.

“We have to understand the correlation and paint the full picture on what these policies are, what they aren’t and what effect they are having across the board and on reproductive health,” Harris said.

Data shows that black women are three times as likely to die during childbirth and women in rural areas are 1.5 times as likely.

“These laws that have been passed are not upping the mortality rate here in Texas. We are seeing more mothers choose to do what is necessary to have that child,” said Mark Lee Dickson, the Director of Right to Life East Texas.

Harris said taking away women’s freedom is leading to bigger issues.

For example, in Texas where a Christian legal advocacy group filed with federal court to reverse the FDA approved abortion pill Mifepristone.

“This an attack. The FDA approved 20 years ago, and they approved it based on science, peer review and a consensus with the medical professional community,” Harris said.

Right to Life does not agree with those who support the pill.

“It has its roots with the same company (that) manufactured the gas that was used in the chambers during the Holocaust,” Dickson said.

Harris said she is concerned about what FDA medication in your medicine cabinet could be the next target.