TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Salvation Army of Tyler opened warming centers to provide shelter for those in need during the cold weather.

“Well we’ve been preparing for this for a couple of weeks, knowing that the temperature was probably going to reach below freezing and so the doors are open to any who wants to come in and take shelter,” said Trevesia Chevis, Social Services Manager.

When people first arrive, they’re checked in given gloves, scarves and jackets if they don’t already have those items.

If you come in and don’t have an ID then you must stay in the warming center, until a meal is served to residents.

“This is so important to be able to give back and also make them feel at home when they come here to the Salvation Army and also to Tyler, and make sure they understand that we are here to help,” said Chevis.

The center is seeing a steady rise of people arriving as the weather gets colder.

“Come in from the shelter if they’re needing to and our numbers are rising. So we are expecting to get more and hoping to get more to come in from the cold,” says Chevis.

The main warming center on North Broadway Avenue is open all day and night. The second one is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Masks are required in the facility to stop the spread of COVID, and to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.