“We are booked”: Country clubs fill up for Christmas parties after cancelled 2020 events

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) — More Christmas parties are being planned this year compared to last year. 

Hollytree Country Club in Tyler says they are super booked but excited to see what this holiday season has in store after a tough year for all in 2020. After most events were cancelled last year, Clarissa Hughes with Hollytree Country Club says East Texans are more than ready to socialize and be together again.   

“Last year we were all a little like I don’t know if I want to be so close to you but this time it’s really we’re just seeing that Christmas spirit come back,” said Hughes. 

Event planners here Hollytree say ever since Harvey Hall was demolished, it’s brought in even more people trying to book parties here. 

“We have so many people wanting to do Christmas parties and then you have your space and you can only allot so many,” added Hughes.

Hughes said party sizes range from 15 to 450 guests. 

“This next week for sure, I’ll have something probably in each room at lunch and then each room at dinner.” 

Health experts don’t completely condemn Christmas parties this year…but do say it’s important to still take precautions. 

“I rather, you know go on the side of caution and just make sure I’m limiting any non-household interaction as much as possible and doing it safely.”

Syra Madad // Infectious Disease Epidemiologist 

Doctors say it’s best to stick to smaller events and only hanging around people who are in your social bubble, meaning those who you interact with on a daily basis. 

“What is the route you’re going to take, how many people are going to be coming together, things like that so you want to start looking at these types of planning elements right now because you want to be prepared as much as possible.” 

Hollytree Country Club is continuing to put safety first. 

“Because we are a private member club…making sure we’re always washing our hands.” 

We are all striving for a happy and healthy holiday season. 

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