TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Jackson and Micah Longino, who are 8 and 6 years old respectively, have been begging their parents to have a lemonade stand for two years. Their mom and dad finally gave in, but not without a twist: They were told they had to pick a charity to give their profits.

“We did it to help foster kids,” Jackson said.

They choose to donate to The Fostering Collective in Whitehouse because fostering had a special place in their family’s heart.

“We were going to have foster kids, and kind of mommy suggested it,” Jackson said.

Their parents, Chantel and Travis, said they were surprised the boys were paying attention to what was happening in their household and wanting to help.

“So proud. Yes, couldn’t be more proud,” said Chantel and Travis.

Jackson and Micah had the lemonade stand for two days and people from all over donated. The boys were able to raise nearly $500 for the foster kids, but they say when it was time to buy the supplies, it wasn’t easy.

“We were going to Target, and it was really hard not to ask for toys,” Micah said.

With their arms loaded up with all they had bought, they took everything to the Fostering Collective, who say they could not be more appreciative.

“I think they were just excited to get some new things. We got to provide the basics, the things that are not so fun to shop for,” Chantel said.

The boys say they hope to continue their lemonade stand each summer, but they aren’t sure yet who they will donate to next.

“I liked helping make the lemonade, and I liked doing the lemonade stand,” Micah said.

Chantel and Travis Longino say they hope the one thing their sons took away from the lemonade stand is that it isn’t just about them, and that there are other people in this world to love and to help.

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