TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Before you can walk down the aisle, there’s lots of planning to be done.

“Tyler is really magical in being able to offer the bride just what she needs for her wedding,” said owner of East Texas Wedding Extravaganza, Joyce Crawford.

72 East Texas exhibitors filled the Tyler Rose Garden Center, ready to greet 230 brides who signed up for the expo. You could find anything you need for a wedding, from caterers, to bakers, to wedding dress makers.

“I feel like every woman is gorgeous and they forget about that, so part of my drive is to get every woman in front of me and in front of my camera and show them how beautiful they are,” said Portrait photographer for JME Studios, Jamie Goode.

“We figured it would be great to get our name out there. We are the newer kids on the block, so we’ve been around for about a year,” said another vendor, La Giddy Up Cantina’s operating manager, Elizabeth Rabadan.

Many of the brides commuted from other areas of Texas for the weekend expo, coming back to their East Texas roots for their big day. 

“Everyone’s coming from all different walks of life, people are coming from a couple of hours away to be here. A lot of them just got engaged, so they’re all you know, it’s new to them,” said Mekka Brehm with La Giddy Up Cantina.

“Our brides can go and go live in Austin or live in Dallas and they still want to come home to East Texas because we have great prices and great variety,” explained Crawford.

Everyone in this expo has a passion for weddings and helping brides make the vision they’ve had since childhood come to life on their wedding day.

“We all come together for one main goal which is the bride. But it’s also something that we can bounce off and work together with other vendors,” added Goode.

The expo brings all the wedding elements under one roof, making it easier for bridal dreams to come true.