TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Hawaii wildfires have left thousands mourning the loss of homes, their land and loved ones. Days after the fire began volunteers jumped into action to get help to everyone in Lahaina.

Back in East Texas, the Texas Baptist Men were ready to send essential items to the island. John Hall, a spokesperson for the Texas Baptist Men, said after the wildfires began they sent one man to help assist with partners on the ground.

“At this point, we are all about meeting immediate need for folks who have lost everything,” said John Hall, Texas Baptist Men spokesperson.

It didn’t take long for the volunteer to see how much the Maui community cared for each other.

“Hawaiians are there on the front lines, they’re helping their neighbors and their friends and their family, and they’re doing it so well that at this time we do not have any additional personnel on the ground,” said Hall.

The organization is working to get donations to buy more essential items like food, diapers and water to send to the island.

“We’ve already invested $90,000 into this relief effort, and we’re only a few days in, and we anticipate this relief effort will be extensive. This is a months, if not years-long process to recovery for these families,” said Hall.

He said if you would like to help the number one thing Lahaina needs is prayers.

“Prayer makes a difference after disasters, we see it time and again,” said Hall.

Hall wants Hawaii to know Texas is here for them.

“Though these are very, very difficult days we’re there with you, we’re working alongside you, we’re walking alongside you and we’ll be there for quite a long time,” said Hall.

He added that together we can find hope and healing in the wake of this situation.