TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Jimmy John’s, a community favorite sandwich shop, has closed for good at both the Troup Highway and Broadway Avenue locations in Tyler.

The closure was unexpected to former employees who are now out of a job

Former assistant manager, Carly McFadden, witnessed firsthand the closure of both stores. Employees and surrounding businesses say there may have been some tax issues.

“These two tax ladies came up to us saying ‘Hey, the owner hasn’t been paying sales tax because he owes, this amount of money and we will need to confiscate all the cash out of the register and the safe and we need to take your permits because they are not legal,’” said McFadden.

Andy Teel, former owner of both establishments, said he paid taxes on the locations.

“The business started to struggle and we weren’t doing well and it just came to a point to close those locations down, ”said Teel.

Jason McCoy, former delivery driver for both stores, said employees have not received their last paycheck.

“I believe my last paycheck was Veteran’s Day,” said McCoy.

Teel said that each employee received their last paycheck in the mail.

Former workers said they are left in a bind with their finances and paying for basic needs.

“I on my own behalf have been living off my savings for the past month,” said McCoy.

“I had to go to the doctor because I fell on my arm and we didn’t get paid,” said McFadden.

McCoy said he hopes someone will reopen both restaurants, not only for the workers but for the community.

KETK reached out to the Genecov Group, which is the landlord for the Troup location.

They said in a statement:

“We, as well as their loyal patrons, are disappointed that they chose to close this location but we wish them well in the future.”

Genecov Group

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