TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The roads in East Texas are no stranger to deer. Drivers often try to avoid them at all costs, but what should you do if you hit one?

Experts say that you should not stop and try to move it out of the road, especially if it is dark outside.

Texas Parks and Wildlife recommends contacting a local game warden dispatcher after the crash if the animal is injured to remove the animal from the road. If it was killed in the collision, TxDOT will remove the dead animal.

“If you hit an animal it’s difficult to say ‘Did it survive that impact? Did it bounce off the car and continue to run on the other side of the road? Or do we have road kill for the next morning?'” said Danny Straessle, Spokesman for Arkansas Department of Transportation.

Straessle said the most important thing to remember when you hit an animal is your safety.

“We would just encourage you to keep on going if your car is not disabled. Now, if your car is disabled and you do need to pull over on the side of the road, don’t worry about the animal, worry about yourself. Worry about your vehicle. Your safety is the most important and we just want people to be safe,” said Straessle.

For drivers that see an animal that is already dead on the road, it is best to try to avoid hitting the animal.

“We would ask motorists that if you can either drive over it between your wheels so that your wheel doesn’t go over it or go around it if you are able to. Change lanes if you’re on a multi-lane highway,” said Straessle.

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