WINNSBORO, Texas (KETK) — Eight bonds have been placed on the ballot for the May 7 election in the city of Winnsboro, all of them city improvement-related.

Proposition A

$360,000 in bonds for the city would go towards funding for new parking facilities, which will include a parking lot at East Broadway Street and North Walnut Street. If passed, taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds will be imposed.

Proposition B

If passed, $415,000 in bonds will go towards the City Civic Center to give it much-needed improvements. According to city projects official Jacob Finley, this will include upgrades and renovations involving new technology, renovating the kitchen, installing a commercial kitchen and other aesthetic upgrades.

Proposition C

$1.15 million will be for improvements on Market Street if Proposition C passes. A previous bond turned Market Street from a vehicular street to a pedestrian street, but the project was never completed.

The new bond will fund the rest that is needed to finish the project, including replacing the asphalt with concrete, essentially creating a plaza.

Proposition D

If passed, $525,000 will go towards the farmers market, another unfinished city project. This bond will finish what was previously started by adding restrooms, sidewalks, repaving the parking lot and adding another pavilion.

Proposition E

$5.59 million will be used for transportation projects that include streets, roads, bridges, intersections and other transportation facilities if Proposition E passes.

Proposition F

$1.18 million would fund improvements for Winnsboro City Hall located at 501 S. Main St. Employees have reportedly outgrown the city hall and need more space, so they will relocate to the city annex building.

The city hall will then be used as additional space for the city’s law enforcement. Renovations and upgrades will be made as needed for the switch.

Proposition G

$795,000 will go towards the city annex building located at 101 N. Main St. These bonds will fund the renovations needed as the city hall relocates and expands.

Proposition H

$985,000 will fund improvements for the animal shelter located at 835 Hope Ln. These funds will go towards renovating and rehabbing the facility, as well as doubling the space with new additions to the building.

To view a sample ballot for the Franklin County/City of Winnsboro election on May 7, click here.