CHANDLER, Texas (KETK) — Houses shaking and loud explosions are what people in several East Texas towns say they experienced this last week.  

Now East Texans want to know who and what is to blame. No one is positive about what could be causing the heavy noises and shaking, but there has been some speculation. 

“The first impression is Texas Eastman blew up,” said Betty Sue Beardan, Kilgore resident. 

Natural gas pipes being worked on and sonic booms from military jets are some of those. But more people seem to believe tannerite is the culprit. 

“We were in our house, me and my kids, and it felt at first like lightning. Like lightning when it Strucks next to your house, but we went outside and of course it wasn’t raining or anything. We didn’t see anything and then a few minutes later another big boom that you could hear and also feel,” said Sam Reed, Chandler Resident. 

Tannerite is used mostly for firearm practice and can cause a loud deafening boom. It can be bought at stores like academy or online. When struck by a bullet it can be heard and even felt from miles away.  

“Of course it’s scary. I have a 6 and 9-year-old and they are like mom we are being invaded, and I’m like I don’t think we are being invaded,” said Reed. 

With no answers as to what is really happening the community is fearful. Concerns are that something serious is happening. 

“My personal option is they should not be shooting it, I do not like it, it’s upsetting to people,” said Beardan. 

With Facebook blowing up with reports of the booms, answers should be coming soon. Tannerite is also used in gender reveals and can be gifted as a Christmas present. That’s why some people believe it is to blame for these booms. Especially since it’s been happening right after the holidays.