WHITE OAK, Texas (KETK) — The White Oak Police Department has issued a zero tolerance policy on fireworks within city limits, citing recent burn bans.

Though fireworks within city limits has been illegal for years, in the past, officers would only give warnings to first-time offenders “in an attempt to gain compliance without having to issue citations.”

But with the current burn ban and worse-than-usual drought conditions, the department has elected to issue a zero tolerance policy on fireworks, meaning that even first-time offenders may not receive the grace that they once did.

“We simply cannot afford to have a repeat of the summer of 2011 as it relates to loss of lives, homes, and property due to wide ranging fires, especially those that could have been avoided by people simply observing the laws and being smart,” the department stated in a Facebook post.

They further stated that the combination of high heat, low moisture and wind with open flames, explosions and sparks is a “guaranteed recipe for fire disasters.”

“We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this,” the post said. “Let’s have a safe summer holiday season.”