TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Whitehouse ISD sixth-grader donated homemade coloring books to UT Health Tyler for her bronze award girl scout project.

UT Health Tyler said Summer Patterson, 12, remembered being a bored patient in the hospital with recovering from four eye surgeries before she turned 10, and didn’t want other kids to face the same situation.

“At first I was thinking I want to help someone, and then I was thinking at the hospital because I’ve been in the hospital before,” Patterson said. “When I was in the hospital, it was very boring. You got to do nothing except watch a little TV show.”

Girl Scout Troop 6704 Leader Emily Barker said Patterson was the first girl in the troop to earn the bronze award, which requires a minimum of 10 service hours, and did all the work herself for the project.

“We watched her come up with the idea and go through the planning, coming up with the design and putting it into the digital format. It was just a great way for her to show off her interests, which are art and helping other people,” Barker said. “She has a big heart for helping other children. She’s really great with other kids.”

Robin Davis, UT Health Tyler’s clinical manager for pediatrics, said the coloring books have done well to help lift the children’s spirits during their hospital stays.

“It gives them something fun to do and provides a creative outlet to help take their mind off the fact that they’re in the hospital,” Davis said. “When they find out that the coloring books were made by another kid, someone who spent time in the hospital just like them, they almost don’t even believe it. We’re just so thankful for Summer and her generosity.”

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