WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) – Whitehouse ISD hired a new director of security, and Jeremy Black, a Whitehouse native, accepted the position.

“Our staff stands ready to protect the folks here,” said Black.

He considers the people of Whitehouse his family. So, when the director of security position opened up at the district he jumped at the chance.

He has two children who attend Whitehouse ISD and a wife who teaches at the school. He says their safety is everything.

“That definitely puts some skin in the game for me, but it’s not just that. It’s the team,. It’s the safety of everybody. I mean it’s one of beliefs here that we believe that everybody has the right to a safe and caring environment, everybody,” said Black.

That’s why he is working on ways to increase security in more ways than one. Black says having relationships with the teachers and students is very important.

“Those are ways that you find out information, so you can act upon it before it’s too late,” said Black.

Superintendent Christopher Moran says making sure the children and staff don’t feel like they are in a prison is important.

“I think I speak for every parent in the district. We want our kids to have a great place to learn where they aren’t fearful,” said Moran.

Black says your child’s safety is his top priority.

“Any flaws to safety and security areas is not ok,” said Black. “We’re always going to be looking at ways to improve, and we’re never going to settle for anything less than perfect.”