TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Whitehouse life skills students were taken to Walmart in Tyler to buy presents, all while learning how to budget. It was a day these children and organizers will never forget.

“This is the best Christmas present I could give myself,” said Amber Mostyn, chair of the Mostyn Moreno Foundation.

The Mostyn Moreno Foundation took 174 life skills children from Whitehouse ISD shopping at Walmart.

“It helps them develop the life skills of how to manage that money, how to pick out what they want, and what they want to do with it,” Mostyn said.

The organization was founded by Amber Mostyn’s late husband to help special needs children. Being Whitehouse alumni, they chose the school as one of the campuses to give each student a $50 gift card.

“This is a great example of community and school connection to make the experience for students far richer than just an average school day,” said Christopher Moran, Whitehouse ISD Superintendent.

The children were taken to the Troup Highway Walmart in Tyler and were able to buy anything they wanted in their budget.

“This is a time for us to spend time with the children, it’s more than just the gifts, it’s about connections between the adults, the students, and the community, and the Mostyn Foundation and their generosity,” Moran said.

Everyone involved wanted to let the children know they are just as important as anyone else.

“These kids deserve a chance just like any other kids in our school system, and so we want to pour into them and show them the love and support that they deserve,” Moran said.

It was a day filled with laughter, smiles, and lots of love.

“It really reminds me how blessed we all are in our lives, that there’s still like wonder and beauty and love, especially at Christmas time with kiddos,” Mostyn said.

The Mostyn Moreno Foundation holds this event every year, and if you would like to help or get involved, you can visit the Mostyn Moreno Foundation website.

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