TYLER, Texas (KETK) – U.S. representative for Texas Congressional District One, Louie Gohmert is running for attorney general and his seat in D.C. now needs to be filled. Grassroots America hosted a GOP candidate forum in Tyler.

Originally, four republican candidates were supposed to participate in the grassroots forum. However, Kilgore businessman Joe McDaniel did not attend due to a scheduling conflict.

John Porro, treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of Physician Assisstants was in attendance along with Aditya Atholi, a marine veteran and former Louie Gohmert staff member and Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran all attended to give East Texans a better idea of who they’re voting for.

One of the first questions addressed red flags laws and second amendment rights.

“Is to defend yourself against tyranny and a overreach over a centralized government, that’s the reason why it’s there, the reason we are not like Australia right now, because of 200 million guns in the hands of law abiding free Americans,” said John Porro.

“With red flag laws what we are doing we are taking away people’s freedoms before they have a chance to go through the judicial due process. So obviously its unconstitutional,” said Aditya Atholi.

“Which is not a corporate right, but an individual right is indeed important to every individual and every family in this country. There is due process that needs to stand in place that only, in very few instances will that right be taken away,” said Nathaniel Moran

When it comes to climbing consumer prices and the country’s historic inflation, here’s the candidates’ stance:

“If Joe did it, it’s probably not right…really unfortunate over 20% of the money in circulation has been  printed in the last two years,” said Porro.

“They charted everything on a map and then the outliers, the stuff that got a lot more expense and the stuff that got cheaper… they call it 7%. So if you’re a congressman how do you figure out for sure what is happening?” said Atholi.

“We can simply cannot trust this administration, they’re not going to tell us a straight answer. We’ve got to have folks that are willing to dig down deep and understand what’s going on the ground floor.  And when we look around with what going on with prices and just handing out money left and right,” said Moran.

Below are their comments on immigration:

“To allow these open borders to continue is absolutely ridiculous. Immigration, yes, that should be done by the federal government but border security should be done by the states,” says Atholi.

“When the federal government decided that it’s is not going to take up for the protection for states, so the states when they advocate that authority, the states that have the right under the U.S. constitution say ‘you know we are going to protect ourselves,'” said Moran.

“To be able to defend our borders to have the ability to be able to defend against an invasion, and lets make no doubt about it is an invasion,” said Atholi.