CANTON, Texas (KETK) – Many drivers were making their way through Canton from Dallas on Monday. Some say this weather has put a damper on their plans as they begin traveling across the country.

In Dallas, temperatures got to below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Any rain that hits the road will freeze.

Travelers heading from the metroplex on I-20 East said conditions are getting worse by the minute.

“We were supposed to leave around 1 p.m., but we had to leave a couple of hours behind because of the storm and the ice,” said Ethan Brown, a traveler from Dallas.

He is on an almost 10 hour drive from Dallas to Alabama and said the delay is already too long.

“We saw it on the news, and we tried to leave a little bit earlier because of it. But, I mean there’s so much traffic you can’t really help it,” said Brown.

Not only are the roads dropping below freezing, but the gas pumps and the entire structure is starting to freeze over too.

“It’s going to take us about another nine hours to get to where we are going, and we will have to probably drive a little bit slower to get to where we are going,” said Brown.

In cold weather it’s harder for your oil to flow throughout the car, so checking under the hood is essential to not have anymore delays on the road.

“Sometimes, we do it while we are out there, but sometimes when (there’s) really cold weather we’ll check our oil to make sure the oil is good, (and) check out all of the conditions of the car before we leave,” said Brown.

Depending on the side of the main fuel lines, gas mechanics say when ice starts to form it is harder to get the gas to flow out.