ATHENS, Texas (KETK) — Freezing temperatures have arrived in East Texas and plan to stick around for the next few days.

This winter weather has caused some dangerous areas on the roads.

Henderson County Fire Marshall shared it’s important to be alert while driving.

“Slow down, watch for the bridges, watch for ice you know it’s coming you know it’s going to be out there, so just use caution when you’re driving and try to keep your eye out for the people driving around you,” said Shane Renberg, Henderson County Fire Marshal/Emergency Administrator Coordinator.

Monday morning, his crews were busy.

“We had a few, especially on Loop seven there has been a few accidents on the overpasses we have not seen a whole lot of vehicles going off in ditches or anything like that yet but especially in overpasses is pretty much where we’ve seen accidents,” said Renberg.

The public information officer with TxDOT in Tyler shared what they’re doing to prepare the roads.

“We’re doing what we can by treating the roads with a bright solution with small rocks that will help with traction and things especially on bridges,” said Jeff Williford, public information officer TxDOT Tyler district.

TxDOT suggests, “if the roads are icy winter weather starts to approach is if you don’t need to get out stay home that’s one of the safest things that you can do,” said Williford.

But, if you do have to be on the roads, drive cautiously.

“If you have to get out just watch your speed you can drive slowly on the ice that’s ok. You know you have to be patient with other drivers at another big a big thing to remember when it comes to this kind of condition,” said Williford.

Renberg says Henderson County will be coordinating with TxDOT the next few days.

“It looks like we’re expecting some precipitation at least this evening maybe tomorrow so we’re expecting that to come in so we’re preparing in all the same way there. They’re just preparing the roads and bridges in the areas that we know when the county weather, steep hills or something like that,” said Renberg.