TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Many East Texans were surprised to see the damage left behind these past few days.

“My concern was that it was going to be a much bigger show off to the west of us, but I didn’t really think about this,” said East Texan Doc Deason.

Trees and limbs are falling from the weight of ice in yards, streets and on powerlines, leaving tens of thousands in the dark.

“I’ve talked to some people earlier today. They’ve been out without power since Tuesday,” added Deason.

The City of Tyler reports they’re receiving hundreds of calls of downed trees and limbs, their biggest issue right now.

There are also dozens of areas waiting on power companies due to trees tangled in powerlines.

“Right now it’s just so important for drivers to drive slow. Be cautious and kind of watch out for each other out there. There are branches and limbs down,” said LouAnn Campbell, with Utilities and public works in the City of Tyler.

The city has requested assistance from the state, which brought in 18 sawyers through the Texas Forestry Service.

 “We have people here to help us. We are so grateful that they’re here and that we were able to get the assistance we needed from the Texas department of emergency management,” added Campbell.

We watched as crews started working on Bergfeld Park, cleaning up branches and making sure roads and paths are cleared.

“We do have solid waste who will be out and about able to pick up brush piles or downed limbs. If you put those on the curb where your trash gets picked up,” explained Campbell.

Right now, there is no time frame on when cleanup will be finished.