TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Norma Kennedy bid on an abandoned storage unit out in Richardson. When she went inside, she discovered a lifetime of one family’s history.

“He was saying this is junk, and I said, ‘No! I’m not going to let you throw this away,’ because I realized there were photo albums,” Kennedy said.

Nearly a hundred years’ worth of artifacts and memories of the Wright family were found. Yearbooks, World War II heirlooms, school photos of grandchildren and even birth and delivery photos were left behind.

“Mom and dad’s photos were in them,” said Kennedy. “Yearbooks from 1962 and 1941 were left including baby pictures. There were some that even showed the daughter having a delivery. All of this is just so wonderful to look at.”

Kennedy and her family once lost all of their memories in a house fire when she was only 13, leaving her to understand the anguish of losing important photos of loved ones. She made it a personal goal to ensure another family doesn’t experience what she did.

“We retrieved material things like furniture and everything more than what we lost, but we never were able to retrieve our memories of these pictures where we could sit, smile and talk about them,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy found two boxes of family memorabilia along with Navy relics. She hopes to reconnect with any Wright or Garrison family members or anyone who might know them.

“It wasn’t luck, it was a blessing that I got it and put it in my hands because now I have a charge to get it back where it belongs,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy has searched far and wide in the Dallas and East Texas area. Through her own research, she now feels like she knows the family personally.

“I can’t show my babies my baby pictures. But in doing this, I want to see this family back to where memories came from,” said Kennedy.

The Wright family may have been from Ennis, Texas, but may also have a strong connection to East Texas. If anyone has any information on the Wright family, please contact Norma Kennedy through email at knorma49@yahoo.com.