JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) – The Wonderland Pines Weddings and Events Venue in Jacksonville saw a problem with stray animals and wanted to find a way to help. They partnered with County Roads Rescue and is going big to get them assistance.

“We’re giving away a free wedding,” said Freyja Alexandra, owner of The Wonderland Pines Weddings and Events.

The owner of Wonderland Pines decided to raffle off a free wedding and help “County Roads Rescue. The shelter in Jacksonville is busting at the seams and has stopped taking in animals.

“We get about 15 to 20 calls a day and we have a waitlist, that’s really the only way we can manage how many calls we get and our waitlist is even full,” said Dava Cooley-Cook, executive director and founder of County Roads Rescue.

Alexandra says she could have just offered a discount but she wanted to grab people’s attention.

“We wanted to go all out, we wanted to help as much as we could and we were like why would we do a discount, let’s just put everything we can into it and make it as desirable as possible for people to sign up,” said Alexandra.

The winning bride will have her big day fully coordinated plus a photographer and decoration services.

“You’d have a full-day wedding, it’s not just our 6-hour package, so it’s access from 8 to 11 p.m.,” said Alexandra.

All you have to do to win is donate $25, volunteer for 15 hours, or foster a dog or cat for a week.

“$25 can go a long way when you have multiple people donating $25, it seems like a small amount, in the long run, it can do a lot,” said Cooley-Cook.

County Roads Rescue says the help will be extremely useful because to take in more animals they need more volunteers and funds.

“We have a decent size facility, we really are capable of more animals than we currently have if we had the hands on deck,” said Cooley-Cook.

Alexandra says brides have been excited to volunteer, donate, and foster the four-legged friends but she hopes even more will sign up before the drawing.

“I’m hoping it helps them save more animals, at the end of the day that’s what we are trying to do,” said Alexandra.

The winner of the free wedding will be announced March 19th at The Wonderland Pines Weddings and Events Spring Fest. The bride will need to be in attendance to win.