MABANK, Texas (KETK) – 60-year-old Judy Coggeshall was arrested and charged with stalking in Henderson County on July 25.

On June 6 at approximately 7 p.m., law enforcement received a call from Henderson County Communications advising of a disturbance at a woman’s residence.

Mugshot of Judy Coggeshall
Mugshot of Judy Coggeshall, courtesy of Henderson County Jail records

The woman informed officials that Coggeshall had been stopped in front of her house for approximately 10 minutes, recording her, yelling vulgar language, and saying, “I’m going to get you” while shaking her fist at her, according to a probable cause affidavit. The outcome of this incident was a citation to Coggeshall for disorderly conduct.

On July 22 at approximately 12:46 p.m., Sgt. Harmon and Chief Meadows of the Payne Springs Police Department received a call from Henderson County Communications about a possible disturbance/harassment call at the same address.

Per the affidavit, Chief Meadows made contact with the homeowner via phone, and she advised that she and her husband were walking down the road during which time Judy Coggeshall approached them on a riding lawn tractor and started yelling and video recording them as they walked.

The homeowner said Coggeshall claimed to have planted recording devices in her home and will often sit in her vehicle near the corner of her residence and Coggeshall’s fathers residence recording everything they do, court documents state. The homeowner also told authorities that Coggeshall has told her since they purchased the three properties in the area, she would make them regret it in every way possible each and every day.

The alleged victim reports that this ongoing situation with Coggeshall always following them around, recording them, and making threats while constantly yelling explicit language at them has caused her to have severe anxiety and chest pains any time she walks outside her residence, documents show.

Coggeshall was given a $150,000 bond and posted it the same day, jail records show.

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