TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A man in Tyler is seen playing violin for donations in front of the Ross shopping center in Tyler. As shoppers pass him, they put money into the violin case as a donation for his performance.

On Saturday, the story changed as a citizen with a background in violin playing confronted the violinist. It turned out he was not a violinist at all.

The man turns off the music which he is “playing along with” and the woman asks him to play without the music on. He doesn’t play a note. That’s when the woman starts playing her violin to show him how to play.

In the video, you see her expressing her concern over him impersonating violinists as he admits to not knowing how to play. As a violinist herself, she took offense to it. She says real violinists pour a lot of money and hard work into the skill.

He explains to her that he is an immigrant and struggling for money. That was his reasoning for being out in the shopping center asking for money.

She then asks him not to return to Tyler for his act as she says it is scamming people of Tyler. She said she wasn’t leaving until he did. Then he packs up and leaves.

The woman in the video posted it with the caption “ATTENTION SCAMMERS: If you are going to try to scam ETX, you will be stopped. If you pretend like you can play violin, you BEST BET I will come fight you, violin style. Shout out to my friends in the Broadway Market Center for letting me know that this guy was back!

A link to the original video can be found here.