AUSTIN (Nexstar) — The Texas Lyceum recently released its new, statewide “Housing Affordability in Texas” poll, and the results show Texans are becoming increasingly concerned with affordable housing and homelessness.

According to Joshua Blank, a research director with The Texas Politics Project who helped oversee the new Lyceum poll, the goal of the poll was to figure out how Texans really feel about housing and affordability.

“We always talk about… abstract concepts like median household income and median home price… what we really want to do with this poll, is figure out how do Texans feel about housing. What is their felt experience of living in the Lone Star State?”

“Affordability is definitely an issue as a part of people’s felt experience here,” says Blank.

According to the results, almost half of Texans say it is difficult for them to find affordable housing in the area in which they live.

Similarly, almost half of Texans believe they are spending too much of their income on housing, although the number increases among renters to sixty-four percent, and African Americans and Hispanics were more likely to say they are spending too much on housing, regardless of being a renter or homeowner.

The poll also, interestingly, shows overwhelming support for involvement by both state and city governments in providing affordable housing for Texans.

Sixty-eight percent of Texans believe the Texas State Government should be doing more to increase the amount of affordable housing and seventy-four percent believe city governments should do the same.

According to Blank, homelessness is also a big issue.

The poll shows almost half of Texans believe homelessness is an issue in their local communities, and while the poll did show homelessness to be perceived more of a problem in urban areas, there was still significant concern in both suburban and rural areas.

Forty percent in suburban areas and thirty-three percent in rural areas believe homelessness to be an issue in their communities.

“That tells us… that homelessness is not just a city problem in Texas,” Blank says.

The full results and methodology for the poll can be seen here.