JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK)- A Jacksonville ISD student is being hailed a hero after a matter of seconds and genuine concern to help, made all the difference in one teacher’s life.

Ta’Kyeria Montgomery was honored Tuesday night by Jacksonville Fire Chief who said her heroic actions made a difference.

It all started when Jan Gowin, a biology teacher at Jacksonville High School was eating lunch.

“I was trying to eat lunch, but I couldn’t find a spoon,” said Gowin.

That lunch break soon turned into a life or death situation for her.

“That’s when the blood clot really collided with the brain, and I didn’t know anything was happening,” said Gowin.

It turned out she was suffering from a stroke but didn’t know.

“I thought I knew the signs of a stroke. I thought I knew what to expect if something like that were to happen but I found out I was very wrong,” said Gowin.

That’s when one student walked in and noticed something was off.

“She came and she opened the door for me just fine. I didn’t think anything was wrong. Then she told me she needed to find a spoon. I realized something was wrong then because she said she needed a spoon for her lunch and all her lunch was spilled on the floor,” said Ta’Kyeria Montgomery, freshman.

Montgomery hasn’t had any formal medical training but knew the signs of a stroke from social media.

“I asked can you smile? She didn’t smile, she didn’t say anything. I asked if she could speak a full sentence, she didn’t say anything, I asked if she could raise her hands, she didn’t say anything. And those are three signs of a stroke,” said Montgomery.

When she saved her teacher’s life it solidified the fact that she has expectations to become a doctor.

“I always wanted to help people, and I always wanted to see if people were okay and know the signs of anything and do it right and I did,” said Montgomery.