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(NEXSTAR)- Participants in a rehearsal for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration were evacuated from the West Front of the Capitol on orders of security officials after a fire in a homeless encampment, officials said.

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INAUGURATION PREPARATIONS: The inaugural festivities for the Biden-Harris team continue Monday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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The president-elect and vice president-elect will join volunteers across the country in the National Day of Service, as law enforcement continues to tighten security in the nation’s capital.

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‘VACCINE TOURISM’: Florida’s emergency director has issued a strongly-worded statement discouraging vaccine tourism.

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Many Floridians have expressed concern about people coming from out of state or even out of the country to get the vaccine.

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IF YOU RECEIVED UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, YOU COULD OWE TAXES: Tax season is just around the corner and for those that received unemployment benefits, you could be in for a big surprise.

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Those checks are taxable, so how much could you owe?

In a recent survey by Jackson Hewitt, 39 percent didn’t know unemployment checks were taxable income. If you were on unemployment this year, you will need to file at 1099-G.

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‘MIRACLE’ RESCUE: A Utah family has the quick actions of two local police officers to thank for saving their 17-year-old daughter last month.

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The morning of Wednesday, December 9 started out as usual for Taylorsville High senior Sarah Canepari. She got in her car to head to school but doesn’t remember anything after that.

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DOG FOUND 2 WEEKS AFTER IT DISAPPEARED WITH STOLEN CAR: A dog left in a car which was stolen has been found.

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Lopez says she had gone into a convenience store on New Year’s Day at East 47th Avenue and Washington Street in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood. Her Australian Cattle Dog “Spitfire” was inside her car.

Lopez admits to leaving the keys inside her vehicle. She was gone for a few minutes. When she returned, both the vehicle and Spitfire were gone.

Lopez says her car was recovered a few blocks north. Spitfire was not.

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WOMAN GIVING AWAY HER OLD WEDDING RING: When Christine Bonavita’s divorce was finalized a year ago, she was left with a decision: what to do with the very expensive rings she thought she’d wear every day for the rest of her life.

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Her friends had suggestions. Should she pawn them? Chuck them into the Atlantic Ocean with all her might?

After a year of thought, she decided to give them away.

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TERMINALLY ILL MAN ON MISSION TO GET TATTOOS WITH STRANGERS: A man battling stage 4 kidney cancer is on a mission to celebrate life — and leave a lasting impact on many.

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Don Caskey, an Ohio man with a love of tattoos, says he was diagnosed with the terminal illness in December 2019. By New Year’s Eve, he’d undergone surgery to remove a kidney.

The disease has since spread to his lymph nodes. Last summer, the 54-year-old father of five began reflecting on life and the things that matter to him the most.

He embarked on a journey of expanding his collection of ink — but he didn’t plan to do it alone.

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