NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Jonathon Blasdell is a dedicated Tennessee Titans fan, a husband and father to three small children, and one of many facing a crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blasdell lost his job and was facing eviction. He started a GoFundMe page, asking for $5000 to help keep his family in their home.

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“The landlord was cool at first, but it just starts adding up and adding up, we started drowning immediately,” said Blasdell.

Then came a $4,500 donation.

“Someone sent me a message saying, ‘Amy is so gracious,’ and I was like ‘Who’s Amy?’ So I start scrolling through and I see Amy Strunk and I think, ‘Is that her?'”

It was indeed, Amy Adams Strunk, controlling owner of the Tennessee Titans.

“I reached out to the Titans, and they confirmed it,” said News 2 Sports Producer Cal Baxter to Blasdell. “Oh wow, that’s crazy,” said Blasdell.

A $4,500 donation that helped propel Jonathon Blasdell and his family to their goal.

“My wife started to cry immediately, when I saw it I couldn’t speak for a second, I talk all the time, and I couldn’t,” recalled Blasdell.

A gracious donation from the owner of his favorite team, allowing him and his family to stay in their home.

“There’s a family surviving because of her, because of her generosity. I’d like her to know how thankful our family is,” said Blasdell.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe fundraiser.