MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) – Hundreds of Mineola residents are upset about plans to build a concrete plant near a nature preserve.

The Mineola Nature Preserve is almost 3,000 acres of land and home to all kinds of wildlife– almost 200 species.

Some residents say they enjoy the peace and quiet the preserve brings, and feel that would be lost if a concrete plant is constructed nearby.

A company called Bell Concrete filed an air quality permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. That is just one of the steps necessary to get approval for construction on the privately-owned land near the preserve.

Some are worried that the plant would alter the local air quality and cause long-term damage to plants and animals.

“If we bring in a concrete plant, the dust and the particulate gets in the water and the air and it really does hurt the ecosystem from the bugs to of course the birds and so on,” Preserve Mineola member Mary Williams said.

Williams placed signs around the area to raise a red flag about plans for the plant.

Bell Concrete provided a statement, saying “Bell Concrete will follow the law on the state of Texas and we have no further comment.”

Preserve Mineola members will hold an informational gathering for anyone to join at the Equestrian Center on Saturday at 10 a.m.