Paleontologists discover skeleton of new dinosaur species in Missouri


ST. LOUIS, Missouri (KTVI/KETK) – Scientists found the bones of a new dinosaur species in Missouri.

Paleontologist Guy Darrough discovered the juvenile skeleton of the Parrosaurus Missouriensis.

Officials are keeping the location of where the bones were found a secret until they can secure the area.

“I can’t imagine anything that’s more impressive than what we discovered here.  A new genus in species. It’s (a) world-famous discovery,” said Darrough.

The species is a duckbilled dinosaur, and the bones were 25-30 feet long. They have not been located in any other part of the country.

After Darrough found the skeleton, he had it moved to the Sainte Genevieve Museum Learning Center. Then, he made a call to Chicago’s Field Museum.

“I eventually talked to Pete Makovicky, curator of dinosaurs at the Field Museum,” said Darrough. “He came down and looked and said, ‘Yeah, you guys got dinosaurs.’”

Makovicky and his crew also digged in Missouri, and it did not take them long to find an adult Parrosaurus Missouriensis next to the juvenile.

“This is in fact a remarkable site in one of the best dinosaur locals east of the Great Plains,” said Makovicky, a professor in earth and environmental sciences at the University of Minnesota.

Mackovicky has helped discover many dinosaurs around the world, but he said the Missouri site is definitely unique. He also thinks they might uncover more dinosaurs there.

The original owners of the property discovered bones in the 1940s. These were sent to the Smithsonian and they were confirmed to belong to a dinosaur. However, nothing else was reported on the finding.

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