Plumber finds money in wall of Houston Lakewood Church after 2014 burglary of $600K


HOUSTON (KETK) – A plumber said he found a large sum of money in a wall while making repairs at the Lakewood mega church in Houston.

The man made the discovery on Nov. 10, wrote our NBC affiliate KPRC. Previously, $600,000 were stolen from a safe at Lakewood Church in 2014. The recent news was reported by the plumber during a radio morning show at 100.3 The Bull.

“It was just unbelievable,” said George Lindsey, a morning show host at 100.3. “The things he was telling us that they found in the walls.”

Linsey was surprised as he listened to what viewers had to say Thursday morning, and one caller’s story really stood out from the rest.

“There was a loose toilet in the wall, and we removed the tile,” the caller said. “We went to go remove the toilet, and I moved some insulation away and about 500 envelopes fell out of the wall, and I was like ‘Oh wow!’”

The caller said the envelopes had cash and checks inside.

“I went ahead and contacted the maintenance supervisor that was there, and I turned it all in,” he added.

Lindsey was in disbelief about what the caller had said.

“We were like, ‘What are you talking about?’” Lindsey said. “So, then he relayed to us that in 2014 there was a big story about money being stolen from Lakewood Church that they never recovered.”

The Houston Police Department is still trying to look into the case involving the stolen $600,000. It is unknown how much money the plumber found, and some people are still curious about the incident.

“Don’t you want to know what happened, I mean they stole the money, but they didn’t get it out of the wall. Did they have an accident, you know what I mean? It’s like, why did they never go back? If it’s that money, why did they never go back?” Lindsey said.

A representative from Lakewood Church later acknowledged that some money was found while repairs were being made.

Back when the large theft happened, Crime Stoppers of Houston offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who could provide information that lead to the arrest of a suspect. Now, people might be wondering if the plumber could receive a reward.

“He’s the one who found it,” Lindsey said. “If he never had been doing that work behind that toilet, they would have never known that money was there.”

Crime Stoppers told KPRC that in order for someone to receive the reward they needed to contact officials and give them identifying information about the thief. Crime Stoppers also said the statute of limitations has expired, so the plumber would not be able to receive money.

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