TYLER, Texas (KETK) – East Texas native Matthew McConaughey said Wednesday that he is considering a gubernatorial run.

In a podcast called The Balanced Voice, the 51-year-old actor, professor and author seemed open to the idea.

“Should your next leadership role ever include you, you know, running for governor of this wonderful state, we’d be very happy,” podcast host and Crime Stoppers CEO Rania Mankarious said.

“I hear you. It’s a true consideration,” McConaughey responded.

Earlier in the interview, McConaughey mentioned looking ahead to future “leadership roles.”

“I’m looking into now what is my leadership role,” McConaughey said. “I do think I have some things to teach and share. What is my category in my next chapter of life that I’m going into now?”

While this would be his first major trip into politics, McConaughey has been involved with the state for some time now. A native Texan, he graduated from Longview High School and currently works as a professor for UT Austin’s Moody College of Communication.

McConaughey helped out Texas when the state went into a freeze in February by creating a virtual benefit to help winter storm victims in the state.

He has alluded to the idea of him running in 2022 before, saying that him running would be “up to the people more than it would me.”

In March, he released a PSA with Gov. Greg Abbott about the importance of social distancing.

Whether McConaughey decides to run or not, the seat of Texas governor will be up for election Nov. 8, 2022.