TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton held a press conference Friday afternoon 24 hours ahead of Saturday’s Republican-led vote on his impeachment.

“I hope the house makes the right decision but if not, I look forward to a quick resolution in the Texas Senate,” said Paxton.

The house general investigating committee presented the articles of impeachment to members late Thursday night after unanimously adopting a formal recommendation to move toward impeachment.

Matt Schaefer, who represents Tyler, questioned on the floor of the capitol the potential impeachment of Paxton.

Schaefer put out a lengthy Twitter statement on the process.

The former navy reserve said “I am deeply disturbed by the way this is being handled. Political considerations seem to be involved.”

He added that legislators are making a decision that is up to Texas voters.

“In less than three days, we’ve gone from a mysterious matter being discussed in committee to a full-blown impeachment vote,” said Chris Hilton, Chief of General Litigation for the Attorney General’s Office. ”The committee and their investigators couldn’t even get basic things right.”

Paxton also addressed his supporters Friday.

“I want to invite my fellow citizens and friends to peacefully come and let their voices be heard at the capital tomorrow,” Paxton added.

If Paxton is impeached, he’ll join two other state officials on the Texas history books who have been formally ousted.

The vote is set for 1 p.m. on Saturday in the Texas House.