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GRAPEVINE, Texas (KETK) – The idea of permitless gun carry was a hot topic Tuesday in Texas.

Texas Republican party chairman Allen West held a press conference April 13 where he discussed current constitutional carry legislation in Austin and why he believes all Texans should support it.

“No one should have to have a permit to have their second amendment right,” West said.

The Tuesday conference took place at Texas Gun Experience in Grapevine. Meanwhile, police associations and chiefs from around Texas spoke about their opposition to bills gaining steam in the legislature that would allow people to carry a gun without a license.

“Every police officer in Texas supports the right of our citizens to arm themselves for sport, hunting and protection,” Mike Mata, the president of the Dallas Police Association, said. “But as with any Constitutional right there comes great responsibility. For the safety of Texas residents, we want to make sure everyone who carries a firearm is well trained, follow basic gun safety measures and understand the importance of responsible gun usage.”

West, however, held that carrying a gun without a permit is a constitutional right.

“We need to have constitutional carry in the state of Texas… that says you do not need a permit in the state of Texas to have a firearm that our constitution says that you have a right to keep and bear,” West said.

During the conference, West referenced the shooting in a Boulder grocery store that occurred a few weeks ago.

“He was an individual on the FBI watch list– how was that individual able to pass a 4473 background test? Obviously, there’s a breakdown in the system. In the state of Colorado, they already have some of the most stringent gun control laws.”

The suspected shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, passed a background check to purchase his weapon and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation approved the sale.

The shooting happened just days after legislation banning assault weapons was overturned in Boulder, making those types of weapons available again.

West said that stricter laws would impact law-abiding gun owners the most.

“When you create laws that tell people what they can and can’t do as far as a legal, law-abiding firearm owners, the only people that are going to obey those laws are the legal firearm owners.”

Just last week, President Joe Biden announced a half-dozen executive actions related to gun control, calling it “a public health crisis.”

“We live in a constitutional republic, not a constitutional monarchy. Joe Biden is not a king. Kamala Harris is not a queen. They cannot just sit down and sign their names to a piece of paper and take away the right that any American, any Texan has to come into the Texas Gun Experience and purchase a firearm.”

Allen West, Texas GOP chairman

Included in the executive actions are regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces, model legislation to make passing “red flag” gun laws easier and tightening the regulations of buyers of “ghost guns.”

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