TYLER, Texas (KETK) — KETK’s Neal Barton and Kaci Koviak interviewed Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday and discussed some of the most important issues currently facing Texans, including border security, the crippling heat and wildfires and the power grid.

Texas’ power grid has been a major concern for Texans this summer, as the record temperatures have begun to put a strain on it. Just recently, ERCOT asked Texans to conserve energy to avoid overloading the grid and ensure that the power could stay on. However, Abbott stated that so far, the grid has remained strong.

“We’ve seen record after record after record of skyrocketing temperatures and demands on our grid, and the grid has performed without flaw all summer long,” he said. “It shows that the changes we made during the course of the legislative session to make the grid more resilient have been able to withstand these record-setting demands every single day.”

But power isn’t the only thing that has been heavily affected by the extreme heat. The record temperatures and drought have caused wildfires to spread rapidly across the state, putting a strain on local first responders and devastating countless families all over the Lone Star state.

Abbott assured that state agencies are doing everything they can to give support to first responders and the citizens that have lost their homes and properties during these wildfires, saying resources like the Texas Division of Emergency Management, which includes the Texas Forest Service, will be able to make sure that they can save property and save lives.

Another major issue that is likely to be one of the most important ones in the upcoming election is that of the border crisis. Abbott has been particularly vocal on this issue in the past few years and has been deploying numerous resources to address this crisis.

“Remember just two years ago, we had the most secure border in decades and now, under President Biden, we have the highest number of border crossings in history,” he stated. “Texas has done more than any state in the history of the United States to secure our border.”

Abbott said that he has deployed the National Guard and DPS officers to the border and that construction has begun on Texas’ own border wall with Constantine razor wire to keep out those trying to enter the country illegally. He further stated that the National Guard is turning back immigrants attempting to cross at the border and arresting those who do make it across and sending them to jail, as well as taking those who have already been processed at the border and putting them on busses, sending them straight to Washington, D.C.

“This is Joe Biden’s fault and Joe Biden needs to fix it,” Abbott affirmed. “The people in Washington, D.C. seem to have a different standard. They think that it’s OK to have the open border situation as long as it remains in places like Texas. We wanted to make sure that because Joe Biden has never come to the border, we want to take the border to Joe Biden and let them understand what we are having to deal with right here.”

Finally, Abbott addressed the issue of school safety following the mass shooting in Uvalde at Robb Elementary. He said that in an effort to assure parents and teachers that their children are safe in Texas schools, he has deployed agencies like the Texas Education Agency, the Texas School Safety Center and the ALERRT program to work with school police and local law enforcement to make sure schools are as safe as they can be.

Abbott added in his conclusion that he will also be amplifying mental health resources for students so that their needs can be met because “sometimes, if they’re not met, could turn into very serious problems.”