TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Velvet, with its collection of vintage clothing, is a quaint shop in downtown Tyler. The store opened in November of 2020 and sells vintage items, all handpicked for store patrons. 

The downtown storefront is fully stocked with timeless articles of clothing, accessories and furniture. Some articles date back to the the ’60s. The newest items in store are from the early 2000s.

Olivia Montgomery and Brianna Akins, co-owners of the groovy small business, share the same enthusiasm for vintage collecting. The pair opened Velvet as a “women-owned” business in Tyler to expand their passion and invite others to join in on the fun. 

“Olivia, my co-owner, and I are super passionate about vintage and finding stuff that, you know, has had a long life and would like to bring life back to it and show that life to everybody else and it’s just a good time. And, both of our passions just turned into a job I guess but in the best way possible.” 

Brianna Akins, Co-owner of Velvet

Akins says there are other antique shops and retailers throughout Tyler and East Texas, but none like their downtown location. She says Velvet brings a different vibe to vintage shopping. The store is full of fun colors. The walls, which are painted with two bright murals, reflect the style of the vintage shop. 

The price range for vintage clothing at Velvet is wide. Designer furniture held in the store is higher end and more expensive for collectors while other pieces like some accessories and clothes are more affordable for anyone to enjoy. 

The owners are working on launching a website. This will allow them to start shipping to customers beyond East Texas.  

“There was a market that was being missed in East Texas of curated vintage goods, so we came together with both of our passions to, you know, be able to bring that to people in this area.”

Olivia Montgomery, Co-owner of Velvet

Velvet will also be participating in the Off Square Downtown Tyler Summer Block Party. This event will be 6 to 9 p.m. June 17 and will feature other Tyler vendors, including MOSS, ETX Brewing Co., Brands and Threads Apparel. There will be live music and a lot of shopping local. Follow this link to that Facebook event for more information.

This is a part of KETK and Fox 51’s “Small Business Tuesday.” Morning reporter Corrine Benandi will be going out into the community each week to feature a local business that is building a presence in East Texas.