A Miracle for Margo: Texas family takes faith to Facebook

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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – The power of prayer is needed for an East Texas accident victim after a major, three-vehicle wreck last summer next to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches.

Margo Naranjo, an SFA grad, was T-boned when driving near the university. She suffered serious injuries and is now in a vegetative state, with brain damage and head trauma.

Since that night, Margo’s family has clung to prayer, asking for a miracle to wake up Margo.

Margo’s family isn’t alone in their plea. The Naranjos are grabbing global attention, taking their faith to Facebook every night.

“Being transparent has drawn people into Margo’s story and has attracted people to pray for her and to be with us. That has lifted people up in a lot of ways,” said Margo’s father, Mike Naranjo.

On June 16, 2020, Nacogdoches Police and Fire departments responded to a “three-vehicle major accident” around 6:07 p.m. at the intersection of North University Drive and East Austin Street.

“The investigation revealed that a GMC Canyon pickup driven by Zachary Cleveland of Nacogdoches was northbound on N. University and collided with a westbound Volkswagen car driven by Margaret Naranjo, also of Nacogdoches,” said Nacogdoches PD.

Margo’s mother, Cathy Naranjo, said Cleveland “possibly dropped something and reached down for it, while speeding through the red light and just T-boned her, demolished her car.” 

The accident report obtained by KETK News revealed Cleveland ran through the red light and slammed into Margo’s Volkswagen. So far, Cleveland has not been charged with a crime. Nacogdoches Police Department has sent its investigation for possible charges of aggravated assault causing bodily injury, which is a felony, to the county district attorney.

It’s now up to prosecutors to decide whether to take the case to a grand jury for possible indictment.

“We hope that he feels that pain and that he learns from it and that he can do something good with it.”


Margo was immediately sent to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital and was later flown to a Tyler hospital. Officers called her injuries “serious.”

“There’s no reason why she’s alive today. Like the first night they did the surgery, they had to leave the abdomen open because there was so much damage. They couldn’t close it.”


That night, Margo’s parent’s got the phone call from Nacogdoches PD, unaware of the length of their daughter’s injuries. “We had no idea the extent of the injuries at that time … the extent of her injuries were so severe they couldn’t treat her,”  said Mike.

The wreck left Margo’s Volkswagen unrecognizable.

Margo lied in a coma for several weeks after her accident. Doctors recommended “Comfort Care” to Margo’s family. “Little did I realize that was a euphemism for let your daughter die, and let’s make it as peaceful as possible,” said Mike.

He and Cathy knew without a doubt, it was far too early to make the decision.

Today, Margo continues to strive for recovery, suffering damage to her brain. She works to mend the damage with hours upon hours of physical therapy each day.

Although it may feel like a slow but steady progression for Margo’s loved ones. Her parents are choosing honesty, however brutal it may be, sharing the highs and the lows as their daughter heals.

“Being transparent has drawn people into Margo’s story and has attracted people to pray for her and to be with us and that has lifted people up in a lot of ways,” said Mike. Mike, along with family and friends, continue to post photos, videos, and updates on Margo’s condition. Most important of all, they’re relying on the unifying power of prayer, every night at 8:55, from a Texas living room to a virtual congregation around the world.

“The thing that’s brought so much light out of it is seeing how the Lord used a tragedy to touch so many people.” 


Being transparent has drawn people into Margo’s story and has attracted people to pray for her and to be with us and that has lifted people up in a lot of ways.” 

Mike naranjo, margo’s father

Those wondering when their nightly Facebook prayers will come to a close, Margo’s parents say they will carry on the tradition until Margo, herself shares this story.

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