SPECIAL REPORT: Henderson Police teach women self-defense techniques for free

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HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – There’s a free resource right here in East Texas for women looking to protect themselves. 

Henderson Police Department offers a self-defense class for ladies sixteen and up every few months. KETK Today anchor Cynthia McLaughlin took a modified class to show us a few life-saving moves you can learn, to better arm you against an attacker.

Lieutenant Jesse Reese Jr. and Detective Pamela Randolph host the women’s self-defense class to make it easier to defend yourself in scary situations. They start with a few real world examples that could happen to anyone.

“Random attacks are happening a lot more frequently than in years past.”

Lt. Jesse Reese Jr.

Twelve of fifteen studies compiled by “The Center for Global Development” found that violence against women increased during the pandemic. Stress over unemployment and hunger are a couple of reasons for the spike, whether it happens in the home or randomly in public.

Lieutenant Reese’s class is hands-on. He even teaches the importance of how to use your hands.

At the start, many women are uncomfortable making the moves they’re capable of. Detective Randolph says the ladies are far more confident by the time they leave.

“They actually realize that even though they may be five foot one and a buck ten soaking wet, they’re actually able to defend themselves,” said Detective Randolph.

Lieutenant Reese urges the women to do whatever it takes to survive.

“When you’re talking about a fight for survival, all rules go out the window.” 

Lt. Jesse Reese Jr.

According to a study from the United Nations, adult women account for nearly half (49%) of all human trafficking victims around the world. Women and girls together account for 72 percent. These abductions could happen anywhere, at any time.

“Anywhere from them running at the park, getting groceries, walking to their car, leaving their car, or even at the mall when they’re shopping and looking at their phone, not paying attention. That’s any opportunity that can happen,” said Detective Randolph.

Henderson police officers truly believe the classes help.

 “The attacks on an untrained person are going to be obviously a lot more devastating. Even if it’s not a life-ending situation it could be an emotional scar for quite some time,” said Lieutenant Reese.

The classes are free on a first come, first serve basis.

“We believe that women need to be able to protect themselves. If we’re only able to help one person after all these years that we teach this class and that one person is actually able to defend themselves then we’re happy,” said Detective Randolph.

When it comes to self defense, it’s better to have the power and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

The next women’s self-defense class with Henderson Police Department is Saturday May 29.

Call HPD at 903-657-3512 to reserve your spot.

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