TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Two months ago, we shared a story of an East Texan woman who bought an abandoned storage unit, and what she found was hundreds of years worth of family memories left behind. Just a couple of weeks after our report aired, Norma finally found the family she was looking for.

“This is just unexplainable… to know that I finally reached out with the help of you and your KETK family! It brought us together like this,” said the buyer of the storage unit, Norma Kennedy.

A special meeting is months in the making. Back in May, Norma Kennedy reached out to KETK News hoping to get help finding the Wright family. After days of going through photos and documents, a breakthrough happened.

“I got a text from my cousin down near Bostrom. It was a video clip of the interview with Norma and she was holding the picture of Ben… my Uncle Ben and Jessie. I go, ‘That’s my Uncle Ben!’ I listened to the article, went to the website, and I look at my girlfriend and said, ‘This is my Uncle Ben!” said Gary Wright.

Thrilled by the discovery, Gary immediately picked up the phone to call his cousin, Artie, after not speaking to him for decades.

“The Wright family moved around but mainly lived in the Ennis area. My grandfather was a cattle rancher down there. The family settled there and we progressed around- I ended up with my dad and family ended up living in the Fort Worth area in Bedford,” said Wright.

The early days of the Wright family were spent in Texas. But over time, they lost connection with one another. Gary now lives in Arizona while the rest of his relatives reside in Montana and Oregon. This discovery has him excited to reconnect with his cousin, Artie.

“To me, it was exciting to talk to him because I hadn’t talked to him since the 60s. He left Texas, not sure why, but after speaking with him I learned he’s in Yaak, Montana which is 17 miles from the Canadian border,” said Wright.

KETK News asked if he knew how Artie may feel knowing his cousin had come down to Tyler to retrieve their once lost memories. “I think he would be excited too. To know that someone got all this history, and now he is going to get it back in his hands,” said Wright.

Ms. Kennedy was never able to experience going through old photos with her family. After this long-awaited gathering, she’s now become an honorary member of the Wright family.

“It was as if I found a long-lost family of my own. This has just been a blessing for me to know that there are families out there still that have and want family,” said Kennedy.

As the branches on their family tree continue to grow, what was lost now, has a new beginning.