SPECIAL REPORT: New studies show that your survival from COVID-19 could depend on your weight

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Every day, scientists around the world are learning new things about the coronavirus. New studies are showing that your chances of survival could be contingent on your weight.

Roy Anderson was one of the first East Texans to battle the coronavirus — and win.

“Life before was very normal, very normal, very busy. Work hard, play hard. Until they said we want to put you to sleep and put you on the ventilator. That’s when I realized this is so real. This could be it.”

Roy Anderson, COVID-19 Survivor

Anderson had gone down to New Orleans for a trip. However, he soon feel ill and was immediately placed on a ventilator in Tyler.

They said that his blood sugar was too high and that his lungs “were providing zero support.” He was in the hospital for weeks, dropping 50 pounds during his fight.

“I couldn’t eat, I would eat just nothing and my blood sugar was super high. I couldn’t get it below 300 which is high for a diabetic of course.”

Roy Anderson

New research into the cornavirus is showing that even being mildly obese could put a person at risk of developing more severe symptoms.

According to Dr. Charles Gordon with Precision Spine Care in Tyler, being overweight can cause more lipids in the blood stream, which weakens the immune system.

This makes it much harder to fight infections.

“They have many more miles of capillaries in their system and usually elevated lipids in their bloodstream. It causes a lot more stress in the lungs and heart. It affects your t-cells and immune system. It’s the lipids…the little fat droplets that are in the bloodstream. They are normal. It’s normal to have them. We all have lipids in the bloodstream, but if you have too much it clogs up your system. “

Dr. Charles Gordon, Precision Spine Care

Dr. Gordon said that people should be extra motivated during this pandemic to live a healthier lifestyle.

Anderson said that after he beat the virus, he needed to go to physical therapy. However, he is thankful to still be alive and is wanting to spent more time with his grandaughters.

He also says that he will be donating plasma to help current patients.

“Life is great. God gave me a second chance at life. Life is great.”

Roy Anderson

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