SPECIAL REPORT: Self-defense experts share tips on what tools women can use to protect themselves

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Whether you feel you’re in danger or just want to feel more at ease about walking alone at night, there are many self-defense tools that could help save your life.

Some can be purchased online like a noisemaker keychain, while others, are just everyday items.

With the proper training those normal items around you can be used to fight off an attacker. Krav Maga, a type of self-defense training, teaches just that.

“You do build strength, but rather than focusing on building strength, you’re focusing on what you have to your advantage,” said Madison Shaw, a Krav Maga student.

The class teaches individuals how to use anything from a chair to a water bottle to create distance and escape an attacker.

“I want you to look at your surroundings as assets, if I can be up against it, I can put my attacker against it, I can push off of walls,” said Krava Maga instructor Nathan Lundstrom.

He trains students in rooms that mimic the layout of a home, teaching them how to navigate around walls and doors while protecting themselves against an attacker.

“99% of people have no idea what the stress of violence is going to be like and that’s why we train the way that we do,” said Lundstrom.

There are other gadgets he recommends carrying at all times.

Many fit on a keychain, like a kubaton. This is a self-defense weapon made of hard, high-impact plastic.

A lot of those tools cost less than $20.

“These range from anywhere from $5.99 to about $9.99,” said April Clary, manager of Army Navy Store of Tyler, as she pointed to the keychains spread out on the counter.

One controversial product to some self-defense trainers is pepper spray.

While some advocate for it, others feel it may do very little in protecting you and might end up causing damage to you if not used properly.

“Someone’s hyped up on drugs or high on emotions. I mean Methamphetamine, I mean they may not even know that they’ve been sprayed,” said Reagan Cole, owner and chief instructor at Texas defense Articulations.

But one thing instructors do agree on is that knowledge will help save you even more than any self-defense tool can.

Tools and weapons can be turned around on you, and knowing how to avoid that from happening can be the difference between life and death.

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