MORRIS COUNTY, Texas (KETK) Ms. Martha Wes Dunn has been missing since 1990.

She went missing from Daingerfield at the age of 15. Currently, she would be 44.

Ms. Dunn is white, 5’4”, and weighs about 95 pounds.

Martha’s disappearance does not have a lot of details provided.

She was last seen on September 5, 1990, just a day before her 17-year-old boyfriend Eric Glenn Owens. Both of them are classified as runaways.

There was a theory that Martha and Eric had traveled to Hayworth, Oklahoma.

Eric’s aunt lived there and there were several reported sightings of the pair there.

Another theory was that they had gone to Kansas, possibly to the Wichita area; Eric’s mother lived in Kansas.

Eric and Martha were both reportedly heavily involved with drugs at the time they went missing; it’s possible their disappearances were drug-related.

Officials say there is no evidence of foul play, and police continue to believe they left of their own accord.

Augusta, Kansas police are helping investigate.

Below is a age progressed photo of what Martha may look like at age 36.