WINNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – It’s been 14 years since a young East Texas woman’s death and her murder remains a mystery. Today, friends and family are determined to uncover the answer behind this looming question: Who killed Brittany McGlone?

Tuesday, May 4, marks the day 19-year-old Brittany McGlone was tragically beaten, sexually assaulted, and murdered in the light of day. The case is now over a decade old. For people in Wood County, from criminal investigators to your average joe, they’re not giving up hope yet.

For Quitman residents, Dawn and Rachel Trammell, the past seven years have been dedicated to finding an answer to those questions. “A lot of things have been said about this case, the one only thing that matters to us is that it gets solved,” said Dawn.

The mother, daughter duo even started a Youtube documentary tracking their personal investigation. “She deserves for it to be solved, and this person needs to be put away,” said Rachel.

Brittany’s gruesome case leaves behind an eerie reminder for many of a cold-hearted killer at large. “We need to find out who committed this homicide because if they could do this horrendous thing to her, they’re going to do it to someone else,” said Rachel.

WINNSBORO, TEXAS – May 4th, 2007

What would seem like an ordinary day for 19-year-old Brittany McGlone, suddenly wasn’t. After working her night shift at the Lowe’s Distribution Center in Mount Vernon, she headed to her boyfriend Jeff Stogner’s house. The home has since been either removed or destroyed.

Hours after Brittany arrived, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., she was savagely murdered in her boyfriend’s bed in broad daylight. “She had been bludgeoned with a heavy sharp object, she had been sexually assaulted,” said Dawn. Her boyfriend, Jeff Stogner, was allegedly not at the house when it happened because he was dropping off a loved one at the airport. He later returned home, to a horrifying scene.

“That could’ve been your daughter, your sister, your cousin. You know, your friend. What happened to her could happen to anyone.”


For newly elected Wood County Sheriff, Kelly Cole, this case hits close to home. “I was a criminal investigator at that time, so I had a little involvement with the case at the official onset” he said.

Now, after 14 years of a spine-chilling unsolved mystery, the county’s newly elected official is giving this cold case a second look.  “Our thoughts here are let’s go in here and try to figure something out, and with everything that’s there, that at some point we can bring it to some kind of close, ” said Sheriff Cole.

To this day, law enforcement has not publicly named any suspects but when the person responsible is arrested, he or she faces capital murder charges. “At this point in time, we’d look at anybody and anything,” said Cole.

The crime scene leaving behind evidence, like blood stains, something they plan to retest. “Technology has advanced, we believe that at some point we can bring it to some type of close,” mentioned Cole.

Today, Sheriff Cole is diving deeper, looking to the community for clues. “People tend to think, ‘well I thought I saw something but maybe I really didn’t, or I heard this but I don’t think it has anything to do with it.’ Come tell us anyway,” added Cole. This is something Dawn and Rachel have actively tried to help expose through traditional and even paranormal investigations.

“She deserves justice. She deserves for her story to be told. She deserves for it to be solved, and this person needs to be put away.”