WASHINGTON, D.C. (KETK) – NBC News confirmed that associate justice Stephen Breyer will retire.

Breyer is the oldest member of the court at age 83. He was nominated by former President Bill Clinton and took a seat on the court as associate justice in 1994.

This will give President Joe Biden the opportunity to nominate a replacement justice. He has previously stated that he would put the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki took to Twitter to say that the White House does not have any details to share at this time.

Some Texas officials are also weighing in.

Sen. Ted Cruz also took to Twitter, accusing White House personnel of bullying Breyer into retirement.

“Why are political operatives in the White House trying to bully Justice Breyer into retirement?” Cruz wrote, quote-tweeting a Fox News journalist who stated that multiple sources told her that Breyer wasn’t planning to announce his retirement today.

Sen. John Cornyn also spoke out about Breyer’s retirement, stating that “Justice Breyer has faithfully served the US judicial system for more than 4 decades. I thank Justice Breyer for his devoted service to our country & wish him and his family a happy & well-deserved retirement.”

Cornyn went on to say that “there will be pressure from the left to replace Justice Breyer with a partisan who will legislate from the bench. Instead President Biden should honor the Justice’s legacy & nominate an experienced jurist who respects the current structure and limited role of the Supreme Court.”

This is a developing story. Check back later for more details.