SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — A San Angelo Police Department officer took heroic actions when saving the life of a suspect who doused themself in gasoline while holding a lighter.

The investigation began at 4:08 p.m. on March 14 when officers responded to a call at The El Patio for an unknown disturbance. According to SAPD, officers responded to the locations at 1901 W. Beauregard Ave. Suspect Delfino Hill, 36, fled the scene on foot before officers could detain him, officials said.

Mugshot: Delfino Hill 3-15-23 courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff's Office
Mugshot: Delfino Hill 3-15-23 courtesy Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office

The chase continued throughout the next hour and a half around the area, with officers losing sight of Hill multiple times. Officers eventually located Hill in the 1300 block of Hill Street.

SAPD said that Hill found a gasoline tank during the pursuit and began to pour its contents on himself when confronted by local law enforcement. Hill held a lighter in his right hand as officers attempted to negotiate with him, police said.

According to SAPD, officers began advising a plan once Hill refused to surrender. A less lethal beanbag shotgun round was fired at Hill’s stomach while a fire extinguisher was simultaneously sprayed on him. SAPD explained that this tactical plan needed precise timing. This prevented Hill from igniting himself and saved him from further injury and even death SAPD says.

Hill was given medical treatment after being detained. He was charged with evading arrest with a previous conviction.