TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested three men after an undercover officer posed as a prostitute.

Officials say Ricky Woods, Daniel Rayborn and Morris Aaron are facing charges of solicitation of prostitution.

On Dec. 2nd, three men allegedly approached a female Texarkana, Texas undercover officer, each of them in their own vehicles, in a downtown area known to have prostitution. Uniformed officers arrested the men after they say a “deal” was made to pay her cash in exchange for sex.

The undercover investigator says she was on the 500 block of Elm St. when Woods approached her in a gray Chevrolet pickup and offered to pay her for sexual acts. She told him to drive around the block to pick her up, where investigators arrested him.

Officials say that Rayborn approached her that day on the same block in a black Isuzu and offered her money in exchange for sex. Investigators say Aaron also approached her that day, allegedly offering the undercover officer marijuana and cash in exchange for sexual acts. Officers took them into custody when they reportedly drove around the block expecting to pick her up.

Officers booked the men into the Bi-State Jail.

Aaron remains in jail on a $6,000 bond. He is also facing a charge of possession of marijuana. Woods and Rayborn made bail, which was $3,000 each. They face six months to two years in prison if convicted.